Quorn Hash House Harriers (QH3) was founded by Michele 'Mango' Wilson (sister of hash grandee Tim 'Magic' Hughes) and Run 1 was on 29 March 1987 from the Free Trade, Sileby. Many of the founding hashers came from the area around Quorn, a Leicestershire village famous for its hunt. Quorn was therefore an appropriate name for a club involving hounds chasing a hare.

As hashers have come and gone the 'centre of gravity' of the Quorn Hash has shifted northwards towards Nottingham though hashers join us from all over the East Midlands (see Run 601-848 map) for location of recent hash trails.

Of the original hashers, Wallington (started Run 2) is still going. We have four Hashers that have reached the landmark of 500 runs, namely Too Tuf, Chicki, Durex and Barritone, all still actively hashing.

Despite our dwindling numbers, you'll still see Quorn Hashers at many national (UK) and international events. Quorn is the home of former world and current UK Down-Down champion. Too Tuff can down 2 litres in 8.3 seconds!

The 'All time Run Log' gives the detail of QH3 history. Memorable events include: the 250th run Toga weekend at the Manor House in Quorn; Dusty Bin weekend (Run 321); Mash Hash weekend at Market Bosworth (Run 477); the Ides of March weekend in Rome (Run 537); and Wroclaw, Poland (Run 580).

A browse through the run log brings back memories. Who can forget run 557 when Wallington and Smutley hared two different crossing trails from adjacent pubs in Markfield, unbeknown to the hash!

Founder of the Quorn Hash Michele 'Mango' Wilson with Wallington (Photo Run 4, May 1987)


Hashers from Run 1, 29 March 1987
(Photo Run 537)

Run 1 Hashers

Mash Hash, Market Bosworth Rugby Club
(Photo Run 477)

Mash Hash