"We are the Quorn Hash House Harriers...."

We run for fun in the Nottingham-Derby-Leicester area though you don't have to run, it just gets you back to the pub faster. We know how to enjoy ourselves - competitiveness is frowned upon. Hash groups like ours are often described as a drinking club with a running problem.

Who are we?

We are a hashing group that welcomes all - young or old, walkers or runners, male or female. Our regular trails are on the 1st and 3rd Sunday of each month with extra trails when we do joint trails with neighbouring hashes. Our area covers the countryside between Nottingham-Derby-Leicester though winter trails may be run in urban areas.

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History of QH3

QH3 was founded by Michelle 'Mango' Wilson (sister of hash grandee Tim 'Magic' Hughes). Run 1 was on 29 March 1987 from the Free Trade, Sileby. Many of the founding hashers came from around Quorn, a Leicestershire village famous for its Hunt. Quorn was an appropriate name for a club involving hounds chasing a hare.

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The hash trail

The hare sets off laying the hash trail before the designated start time. If the hare sets off 10-30 minutes before the rest of the pack, this is called a 'live hare'. More often than not on the Quorn Hash, the trail is laid several hours before or even the previous day if the weather permits. The QH3 uses flour to mark its trail. THIS IS NOT DOG POISON!!!

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Annual QH3 Report

2017 (runs 927 to 961)

The following is a summary of the 2017 Hash stats presented at the Annual Awards Night (VAT & Fiddle in February 2018). This gives a more detailed view about us. Tables and maps relating to the 2017 hash trails and statistics can be downloaded from our Records page.

There were 35 trails in 2017 (runs 927-961, including a joint trail with the B'ham Bull Moon and Mickleover hashes in Tamworth in September. Our bunkhouse weekend was a new venue in Castleton, namely the Hollowford Centre.

Durex was again the most prolific hasher doing 33 of the 35 trails and Malteaser came with him 30 times, a feat only equalled by Too Tuf. We had sixty-five different people experiencing Quorn hash trails set by a mere fifteen hashers, the lowest number of different hares on record. Barritone led the way setting 5 trails as a lone hare, Too Tuf, Lily the Pink and Puss in Boots were also involved in five trails each. Special mention of Wee Willy who is registered to 5 runs in 2017, 3 of them as hare! Nottingham postcodes dominate the On Inn locations with 24 NG locations. Next was Derbyshire (DE) with 8 and Leicestershire (LE) only 1. How far we have moved from our roots in Quorn!

The longest trail by far was that of Ballcrusher from the Old Crown Inn in Shardlow, a leg-stretching 9.0 miles and lasting more than two hours. The next longest was a mere 7.0 miles set by Lily the Pink and Puss in Boots around Newstead Village. Too Tuf and Chicki again get the award for the shortest trail - 4.2 miles - a Monday evening trail from the Cock and Hoop in Nottingham. Butt Plug for the first time in several years was not king of the mountain trail. This year the greatest elevation change inevitably went to the Castleton weekend Sunday run with 231 m (Durex and Puss in Boots hares). Barritone with his trail from York Chambers managed to set the trail with the least elevation change, a mere 8 m.

Weather is no longer an issue with the Quorn Hash since Chicki became RA - it never rains on Quorn runs. There were some notable exceptions this year, namely, Barritone's March trail from Totally Tapped, a torrential downpour turned the flour to paste which greatly upset Jonathon of Beeston. We also got rain rather than snow for our Jingle Balls trail which meant that disappointed hashers had their run subs refunded. The RA's excuse was she wasn't there, instead enjoying a Christmas meal elsewhere.

Average pack size for 2017 was 12.6, the smallest number being for Butcher's Dog's Monday evening trail in Beeston Rylands (4 hashers). The trail after this had the largest number (24) which was our away weekend in Castleton. The joint trail in Tamworth attracted 21 hashers, and the first trail of 2017 - Barritone's trail in Stanton by Dale, attracted the largest number (20) for a standard trail. The first run of a new year always seems to bring out a large number of hashers.

The Quorn hash was extremely well represented at Nash Hash in Norwich at the end of August with 14 Quorn hashers attending and making significant contributions to the event. Too Tuf remains the UK Down Down champion and Shagulater entertained the crowds with his "Gay Rover" song.