"We are the Quorn Hash House Harriers...."

We run for fun in the Nottingham-Derby-Leicester area though you don't have to run, it just gets you back to the pub faster. We know how to enjoy ourselves - competitiveness is frowned upon. Hash groups like ours are often described as a drinking club with a running problem.

Who are we?

We are a hashing group that welcomes all - young or old, walkers or runners, male or female. We have a trail on the first and third Sunday plus an evening trail on the last Monday of each month. Our area covers the countryside between Nottingham-Derby-Leicester though for our evening winter trails we'll run in urban areas.

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History of QH3

QH3 was founded by Michele 'Mango' Wilson (sister of hash grandee Tim 'Magic' Hughes). Run 1 was on 29 March 1987 from the Free Trade, Sileby. Many of the founding hashers came from around Quorn, a Leicestershire village famous for its Hunt. Quorn was an appropriate name for a club involving hounds chasing a hare.

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The hash trail

The hare sets off laying the hash trail before the designated start time. If the hare sets off 10-30 minutes before the rest of the pack, this is called a 'live hare'. More often than not on the Quorn Hash, the trail is laid several hours before or even the previous day if the weather permits. The QH3 uses flour to mark its trail. THIS IS NOT DOG POISON!!!

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Annual QH3 Report

2015 (runs 855 to 890)

The following is a summary of the 2015 Hash stats presented at the Annual Awards Night (VAT & Fiddle in February 2016). This gives a more detailed view about us. Tables and maps relating to the 2015 hash trails and statistics can be downloaded from our Records page.

There were 36 trails in 2015, including a joint Easter trail with the Ashbourne Hash. There was no away weekend in 2015 but a special event was held at the start of December to celebrate Run 888 which was attended by our largest pack for a Sunday trail (34) for many years There are hash scribes and GPS maps for nearly every trail and these are published on the East Midland Hasher Blog.

Durex was again the most prolific hasher doing 33 of the 36 trails and Malteaser came with him 30 times. Too Tuf and Chicki led the way with trail blazing setting 8 and 7 trails, respectively and jointly. Durex laid 6 trails but Barritone had 5 excellent trails where he was the sole hare. Again trail locations were mainly focused to the south of Nottingham trending out towards Ashby de la Zouch but in December we finished the year with two cracking trails in the Peak District.

The longest trail was that of Heroin and Dope, a leg-stretching 7.4 miles. These two also provided one of the most innovative trails (Run 875 Packe Arms) where we never got more than 1 km from the On Inn and basically ran around four fields with the hares recycling checks. Too Tuf was the hare for the two shortest trails, both at 3.2 miles, runs 860 and 863, the latter also being the our only wet run of the year. I must point out this was the week before Chicki became RA and since then we have not been seriously rained on in 2015. If you want to hang your washing out to dry just look at when QH3 will be on trail!

Butt Plug again gets the award for the greatest change in altitude, namely 224 metres for the Jingle Balls Christmas trail from Cromford. Our flattest trails (recorded as 0m altitude variation) was Wallington's trail from the Anchor Inn, Walton on the Wolds - obviously we avoided the wold bits.

Seventy four different hashers ran on a Quorn trail in 2015 less than the one hundred and thirteen recorded in 2014. Of these only 32 ran on 3 or more trails and 32 ran only one trail. Average pack size was 12.3 compared with 14.9 in 2014 and 11.3 recorded in 2012 and 2013). Our largest pack size was 34, recorded for Run 888 from Canal Inn, Bullbridge swollen by visiting Birmingham hashers brought in by Tweeny.